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Our name Yuxibu embodies our core purpose.

Its origin comes from the place where nature still is at its most pristine and where the vibration of plants are still considered the only real medicine of man.

We are talking about The Amazonian Rainforest.


In this magical place on earth lives a tribe of indigenous people called the Huni Kuin people, meaning “The people of truth”.


These humble people live their lives with an immense respect for Mother Nature and her powers. Their belief is that the forest and every plant in it, are conscious sentient beings and that the plant realm is the ultimate healer for mans body, mind and spirit.

These people live their lives according to natural law since they know that nature provides them with everything they need. These people are still in the possession of the lost art of communicating with the different spirits of nature.

But there is one spirit that rules above all.

The One spirit they consider their creator, their God…

they call it:



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Yuxibu's premium range of natural remedies

are designed to elevate your

health and spiritual wellbeing.

After numerous deep experiences and encounters with different plants as healing agents for body, mind and spirit, we felt a sincere calling to share the knowledge.


The intention behind Yuxibu [yo-shi-bo] started as a Mission, and still is, to raise awareness around the powerful healing potential in plants & natural frequencies.

Our mission is to bring the spirit of nature ("Yuxibu")

to the world with the utmost intregrity.

Every one of our products are created with high vibes and the purest

of intention to bring the spirit of YUXIBU to you.

Our goal is to design products that will support you

in becoming more of what you already are - perfect and complete.



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