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LUNGS & Respiratory

immune support

Breathe life into your cells



Breathe is our premium herbal based lung tonic designed to support respiratory functions and healthy lungs.

The lungs control life force energy, or QI. It is through our lungs we energize our body and breathe strength into our cells. Breathe was created to support the vitality of the lungs and respiratory function so that the immune system can function at its peak. 

This elixir contains 8 carefully selected herbs that are known in ancient herbal medicine traditions to support lungs, respiratory function and general immune health - combined with our cutting edge frequency technology to boost your overall health and spiritual wellbeing. 

The modern day hero faces many challenges today. From air pollution to the stresses of busy everyday life, all impact the health of your immune system and lungs.

Breathe is a fantastic general tonic for building overall strength and health, and promoting longevity of the lungs, body & spirit.

Yuxibu Breathe Product.png

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