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LiverLux is our premium herbal based liver tonic designed to gently cleanse and boost your liver function.

LiverLux is a powerful herbal complex intended to promote liver health and digestion. The foods we eat and the drinks we drink aren't necessarily beneficial to our health. LiverLux was created to support the vitality of your liver so that you can function as the modern day superhero you are. 

This elixir contains 7 carefully selected herbs that are known in ancient herbal medicine traditions to gently cleanse and optimise the liver - combined with our cutting edge frequency technology to boost your overall health and spiritual wellbeing. 

Using herbs to support the liver may have many health benefits, ranging from improving detoxification pathways and liver phase I & II, promoting hormonal balance, resolving skin issues, and aiding in proper digestion.

The modern day hero faces many challenges today, from environmental toxins, alcohol, stress and unhealthy diets. Busy everyday life can take its toll and overburden proper liver function. 

LiverLux is the perfect elixir for daily cleansing, or even after a night out on town.

Yuxibu Liverlux product.png

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